Welcome to the latest version of my website, LierreStudio.

Consider this a “soft launch” welcome, with more changes to come during the next six weeks or so.

And just why will I be making these changes? Why did I decide to update my site at all?

The reason is simple. The site no longer accurately reflected me and what I do. It was too limited in some ways, unfocused in others. It served me for a time, but that time is not today.

I’m jazzed to be serving up something new—something that’s less complex and more confident than I shared earlier in my life and career.

As I mentioned, what you see today is just the beginning of what’s percolating. I’ll be adding more photography and quotes, a few true stories to provide examples of my expertise, and announcements of upcoming projects and collaborations. The design may also be tweaked here and there to maximize accessibility, but in general, I’ve consciously chosen to keep things simple.

I’m glad you dropped by today to read about these updates, and I hope you’ll stay tuned.