While at CMD, I worked on several HP projects for the retail sales associate (RSA) audience. Two of my favorites tweaked familiar training formats.

The first one you'll see below upended the tradition of merging a hodgepodge of videos into a single quarterly training event video. Instead, I worked with a sharp art director, Oksana Benedick, to develop a concept for a film with a single, humorous storyline. During the production process and shoot, I served as the creative director (and was cast as an extra).
The other project you'll hear rather than see. The goal was to include training messages in radio commercial-style audio tracks loaded onto iPods given to RSAs. I wondered, "Why interrupt their music with commercials?" So I scripted and helped produce custom music tracks with embedded messaging. (This may have been one of the first and only instances of HP ink being associated with electronica.)
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